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VIP Lifestyle Coaching

Of the thousands of clients we have coached, 95% of those transformations are clients who have chosen our exclusive VIPLifestyle™ Online Coaching.

Dragonfruit Certified Lifestylists have crafted the most in-depth, transformative experience for their clients that empower knowledge seekers who value the lessons of educational course with an engaging, challenging transformational fitness program built on the incredible Platform.

We can’t wait to have the opportunity to work with you, but first let us tell you more about the value we offer

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What's Included | My Promise & Value 

All VIPLifestyle Coaching Programs include everything you want & need for a compete lifestyle change and body transformation;

📲 Access to Private Lifestyle Web & Mobile Platform
🥑 Planned Daily & Weekly Diet Targets & Foundation Meal Plan Design
🏃 Planned Daily & Weekly Cardio & Conditioning Targets & Workouts
🏋🏻‍♀️ Goal-Structured Resistance Training Phases with Daily Workouts
💊 Daily Supplementation Recommendations
📊 Coaching Adjustments to Diet, Training & Cardio
⭐️ 1.V.1 Coaching Call, Progress & Platform Review + Weekly Goal Setting
📣 Unlimited Communication & Support
📸 Progress Photo Submission Portal
🆕 14,000 Food Item Database & Meal Plan Builder Tool included in each Lifestyle Platform
🔑 Exclusive Community Membership
🛡Members receive an Exclusive 10% Discount on all Marketplace purchases including Programs, Supplements & Merchandise, Groceries, e-Books & Coaching Services

    The Coaching Process | What to Expect

    The experience of our coaching programs is built upon a platform we pioneered called the Dragonfruit Lifestyle Platform which acts as a habit-building tool and journal while on your program. You will use this daily to record and track your progress while on program.

    Our coaching methods focus on bridging the gap for clients from their trigger moment of change to being completely self-sustainable in a perfect lifestyle by teaching the depths of nutrition, training, supplementation while coaching both habits and behavioural shifts during the program.

     ‏‏Pricing, Enrolment & Coaching Availability

    • VIPLifestyle Experience $500.00 [ Weekly Adjustments & Check-In ]

    • VIPLifestyle Experience $300.00 [ Bi-Weekly Adjustments & Check-In ]

    *applicable sales taxes not included

     ‏‏Coaching Availability & Coaching Market Rate

     Due to the high volume of inquires we cannot always guarantee immediate acceptance into a coaching program in efforts to maintain the high quality of coaching our Certified Lifestylists provide to each client. For this reason, our coaching rates are subject to change without notice.

     ‏Promotional Pricing, Packages & Terms of Service

    • Promotional pricing features a 2.5% discount per month for paid-in-full programs up to a maximum of 30% off coaching rates for the year.

    • Monthly Clients are are billed upon enrolment for a full month and will be auto-billed end of month for the prorated amount for your next month which may be auto-debited from a credit or debit account. All re-occurring billing will be in advance of coaching services for the subsequent month of programming and coaching.

    • We appreciate a 30-Day notice to end coaching services on for all monthly-billing coaching options. If a 30-Day notice is not given, we maintain our right to collect the full amount owning for the month of coaching services.

    • We would love for you to schedule a consultation if you wish to further discuss working together, please schedule your 30-min FREE Consultation.

    Are you Ready to Join? | Membership Enrolment Process 

    We look forward to working with you! If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to e-mail or schedule a consultation at your convenience.


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