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Meal Plan Design

Why is Diet important? 

Our bodies are the expression of the choices we make in our daily diet. Nourishing it to feel our best each & every day begins with learning which foods are optimal for mood, hormones and even your unique DNA expression.

It's important when creating structure with our everyday diets to infuse a little fun, creativity & joy as foundation of which your food selection and caloric intake is built upon, this will improve your adherence and long term success with any diet structure.

How We Help! | Discovering your Diet 'Why'

Whether you want to built new habits, shift your perspectives or even lose weight. Upcoming special events or vacation(s) and you want to look and feel your best, committing and investing in a specially designed Meal Plan can give provide the structure and guidance you need designed with your outcome in mind.

Following a meal plan structure is a healthy way to control & prioritize your health, for both body & mind. Having a lifestyle goal with your diet doesn't have to be short term and based on changing a 'look' - one who prioritizes seeing diet as an art and a process of learning the depths of nutrition through building their own foundation of foods and nutrients can achieve optimal health by simply wanting to wake up everyday knowing they're fuelling their bodies with certainty and purpose.

Whatever your why, let’s make it a reality for you.

What's Included in your Meal Plan Design

Each Meal Plan Design is built upon the myDiet Tab in the Dragonfruit Platform and contains (3) unique sections to optimize your experience. These sections you will discover are;

Daily Meal Plan: we provide an in-depth breakdown meal by meal that is easy to follow yet educational in the format of which it is creatively expressed. We label each meal with a Meal Name, Time of Day + Special category such as 'Pre-Workout or Snack', this helps keep the structure easy for you to make a routine and simple to follow. When you read your recipe, you'll find we identify for you the major macronutrient of each ingredient, detail the measurement ( serving size or weight (in grams) of each item) and their corresponding caloric and macro-breakdown of Fats (g), Carbs (g) & Protein (g) + Calories (kcal) + any extra notes we feel are needed on how to prepare the meal correctly just as we have envisioned for you.

MacroDragon: this is a new feature in progress for the Dragonfruit Platform that enables the ability to track-your-macros on the fly for those with experience in flexible dieting. MacroDragon reads over 15,000 food items from a certified food database + keeps a saved list of your personal favorites that you've added to the myKitchen section located in the platform.

myKitchen: this feature acts as your kitchen pantry and serves as a database for you to build your own meal plans easily or use the Macrodragon feature to track-on-the-fly. We have used dozens of various industry leading 'apps' and found there was too many 'extras features', inaccurate food readings and a user interface that simple was confusing to enjoy. We built MacroDragon and incorporated the myKitchen feature for you to add to your own database and local favorites, recipes or food items that you love and wish to use when building a diet that fits your lifestyle.


Are you ready for VIPLifestyle Coaching™?

We are proud to have built the most in-depth, transformative experience for our Dragonfruit Clients that combines a hybrid educational course with an engaging body transformation program built on the incredible Platform.

What's Included | Our Promise & Value 

All of our Lifestyle Coaching Programs include everything you want & need for a compete lifestyle change and body transformation;

  • 📲 Access to Private Lifestyle Web & Mobile Platform

  • 🥑 Planned Daily & Weekly Diet Targets & Foundation Meal Plan Design

  • 🏃 Planned Daily & Weekly Cardio & Conditioning Targets & Workouts

  • 🏋🏻‍♀️ Goal-Structured Resistance Training Phases with Daily Workouts

  • 💊 Daily Supplementation Recommendations

  • 📊 Coaching Adjustments to Diet, Training & Cardio

  • ⭐️ 1.V.1 Coaching Call, Progress & Platform Review + Weekly Goal Setting

  • 📣 Unlimited Communication & Support

  • 📸 Progress Photo Submission Portal

  • 🆕 14,000 Food Item Database & Meal Plan Builder Tool included in each Dragonfruit Platform

  • 🔑 Club Bellaviida Exclusive Community Membership

  • 🛡Members receive an Exclusive 10% Discount on all Marketplace lifestyle products & purchases including Essential Oils, Supplements & Merchandise, Groceries, eBooks & Coaching*

The Coaching Process | What to Expect

Your coaching program will be built upon a platform we pioneered called the Dragonfruit Lifestyle Platform and acts as a habit-building tool and journal while on your program. You will use this daily to record and track your progress while on program.

Our process focuses on bridging the gap for Dragonfruit Clients from their trigger moment of change to being completely self-sustainable in a perfect lifestyle by teaching the depths of nutrition, training, supplementation while coaching both habits and behavioural shifts during the program.

 ‏‏‎ Pricing, Enrolment & Coaching Availability

  • VIPLifestyle Experience $600.00 [Weekly/Bi-Weekly Adjustments & Check-In]

  • VIPLifestyle Experience Express $300.00 [Monthly Adjustments & Check-In]

*applicable sales taxes not included


‏‏‎ Coaching Availability & Coaching Market Rate

 ‏Due to the high volume of coaching inquires our Lifestylists cannot always guarantee acceptance into our 1v1 program in efforts to maintain the high quality of coaching we provide to each client. For this reason our coaching rates are subject to change without notice.

 ‏‏‎ Promotional Pricing, Packages & Terms of Service

  • Promotional pricing features a 2.5% discount per month for paid-in-full programs up to a maximum of 30% off coaching rates for the year.

  • Monthly Clients are are billed upon sign-up for a full month and will be auto-billed end of month for the prorated amount for your next month. All re-occurring billing will be in advance of coaching services for the subsequent month of programming and coaching.

  • We appreciate a 30-Day notice to end coaching services on for all monthly-billing coaching options.

  • We would love for you to schedule a consultation if you wish to further discuss working together, please schedule your 30-min FREE Consultation here

Are you Ready to Join? | Membership Enrolment Process 

We look forward to working with you! If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to e-mail or schedule a consultation at your convenience.


A Note from Our Founders

“Since it’s inception in 2014, the Lifestyle Platform by Life Aesthetics, now, has been a life-changing transformation tool loved by over 20,000 of our clients worldwide. We’re so excited to tell you more about why we feel our VIPLifestyle Coaching is unlike any fitness ‘program’ or experience you’ve ever invested that will help you build life-changing sustainable habits, learn the depths of exercise & nutrition knowledge while exceeding all expectations you’ve ever imagined possible for your body, and your lifestyle'“

- Jodii & Matthew Fox


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